Day of the Dead at Riviera Maya. First Call!


Even when Halloween is becoming part of mexican celebrations, its important to say that both are completely different each other. To understand the Day of the Dead celebration, you must be part of it. Colors, aromas, and flavors are so special during november 1st and 2nd that you will understand why after many centuries this traditioin goes on. Something amazing about the Day of the Dead is that it is celebrated in such different ways in all over Mexico. In the Yucatán Peninsula the celebration has a mayan name: Hanal Pixan, which means the meal for the souls.


During the last 10 years, Xcaret, the Ecopark, has been carrying out the Festival of Life & Death Traditions.  Each year it gets better and better. And beacuse this beautiful park is located in the Riviera Maya, its maybe the best opportunity to discover whats behind the colorful mexican skulls and the Day of the Dead.

This year the festival seems to be more delicious than ever and that’s beacuse the guest state will be Puebla, world capital of mole (a kind of sauce made with more than 100 ingredients!). Also the famous singer Lila Downs will share with visitors her recent production, Balas y Chocolate (Bullets & Chocolate). Mayan traditions such as the Mucbipollo (a special kind of tamale that is cooked underground), and the colorful altars will be part of this celebration that will be helded from October 30 to November 2nd.

Everybody, both dead and alive, is invited. So if you feel curious about this very old celebration, come and join us! Believe me, this is gonna be such a great party.

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