El Corchal, somewhere in the northern jungle of Yucatán Peninsula 

For many years I expected to be here. I was working as an editor in chief for a website and one of my coworkers was sent to visit this magical place, just two hours away from Cancún. When she show me the pictures, I just couldn’t imagine how was this place so well preserved from the human activity… 

El Corchal is a small part of a natural protected area, located in the north part of Quintana Roo state, in the Yucatán Peninsula. The closest village is Solferino, where you can find just two or three hotels. You can visit an orchid garden, camp in the middle of the jungle and practice trekking and kayaking.

In fact, to get to El Corchal, you need to walk around two hours in the jungle and then take a kayak along a small lagoon covered with reed. Then you finally can admire this small but magical flooded garden. 

I’m happy that after some few yeas I finally could get to this place and it was still pristine and incredibly beautiful. So, please, notice: this landscape is clean, pure and yes, it’s fragile. As visitors we have a responsability with it. We cannot leave anything here but our footprints. We cannot take anything from here but memories… is it a deal? I hope so…

It’s easy to get to El Corchal and Solferino, you just need to drive following the directions to Holbox, and you will find the village. Or ask for a private tour with us and we’ll prepare for you an incredible experience.


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