Day of the Dead in México

Well, this is the most mexican tradition. It’s much better than Christmas and even better than our independence day. I say this because it’s the most prehispanic celebration. I mean the Day of the Dead has lots of Spanish and catholic elements, but it keeps a strong ancient root that makes it truly mexican. 

Mayan people, the Aztec, Purehpecha, Otomí, Totonacas, and many other prehispánicas cultures used to celebrate certain kind of rituals in honor of their ancestors. Death had a very different meaning from ours. Ancient mexican people believed that there was a cycle between death and life. They needed each other to continue the cycle, otherwise the world was going to end. To die was a way to be part of life again. They needed to go to Mictlan, the place of the Dead,  but also the place where Life had its beginning. To die fighting or giving birth was like being a hero, so their next life was glorious being the Sun companion along the day. 

Nowadays, each region in Mexico has its own way to celebrate. We can not refuse the influence of other traditions like Halloween, but the Day of the Dead is strongly mexican and we are proud to share it with you. 


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