Who we are?

A warm night filled with color ad flavours. 

Fireworks lights baroque buildings and pintoresque streets.

The children’s laughts burst and the eyes bright with the certainty of a kiss.

Up in the sky the forgotten gods are whispering about the future.

A wavy land awaits the sunrise sleeping between two majestic oceans. 

Hi dear traveler!

Thanks for visiting us. I like México is a small website that promotes our routes around México and our services as professional travel guides. But it is also a dream. We believe in the ancient energy of this country. We are sure it is very easy to fall in love with its flavours, sounds and colors. We know that the most valuable treasure we own is our people and the way we welcome our visitors. Finally, we appreciate that among all the marvelous places in the world you are thinking about México as your next destination. Or at least, you are just taking a look, maybe later…

We like México and we feel truly passionate for sharing its secrets with the world. Our delightful work is to create new routes that will allow you to go deep into México’s culture and history, try its real flavours, meet its real people and enjoy its ancient traditions.

Before taking you to any place, we have looked around to find the best in quality, originality and service. We choose local suppliers that are preserving traditions. It is a virtous cicle: we help you to discover the real Mexico, and also we help people to release their handicrafts and cuisine. Thus local traditions are preserved and you get a unique travel experience in México.

We  are not only certified as federal tour guides, we truly want you to fall in love with our country and make you want to come back soon.

I like México, and you?

Angélica, your tour guide.

PS. Let us know what you think about the site, or tell us about your next trip to México. Can we do something for you? Write us!