What do we do?

  • As tour guides certified by the Tourism Board of Mexico (Sectur) and the National Institute of Antropology and History (INAH), we are allowed to provide information about archaeological sites and historic monuments  in all over Mexico. We are constantly updating our knowledge and improving our service to offer the best experience to our visitors.
  • We’ve been working as tourism editors and writers for more than 10 years. It’s such an excellent backgroud and you can take advantage of it! You can ask us about traditions, “must do in Mexico” lists, modern atracctions, handicrafts, unknown places, magical towns… If you are going to visit Mexico and want to know about some specific topic, prepare your questions and ask for an interview via Skype with our experts in Mexico.
  • We are travelers too. We love to discover new places in Mexico and share them with you. Small and cozy hotels and restaurants, misterious and unknown archaeological sites, relaxed and hidden beaches, natural areas to explore… We can arrange a personalized tour in México for you based on your agenda and interests.
  • We are located in the Riviera Maya, an awesome spot where nature and history create unique experiences. Words, Legends, images and flavors will make you feel the vibrant present of the Mayan people. They never dissapeared, they are here ready to share their heritage with the world.